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Music has no age limit...

and neither should music lessons!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old for this? Music has no age limit!

Over half of my clients are retirees, spanning the ages of 64-76 yrs old, who are finally taking the time to achieve their dreams, now that they have the freedom to do so.  If you have the lines of wisdom on your brow, you are welcome here! 

Singing lessons are offered for kids 8 years old and above. 

Will I get the chance to perform? Student Showcases!

Twice a year, Melissa Shriner Music Studio offers a Student Showcase, one in December and one in June.  

It's a chance to sing in front of a kind, caring audience of family and friends, who also get the joy of watching their own family members, and each student in the studio as they progress over the years.  There is a family atmosphere of encouragement, love and acceptance within the studio and showcases.  

It's an exciting time to showcase your lesson efforts, in solo style!  All performances are either accompanied by Melissa, or by the student, if they are proficient on an instrument.

Will I feel comfortable?

I strive to make each student, regardless of age or technical ability, feel seen, heard and understood.  Music has a way of reaching your soul, and asks for a level of openness and musical risk taking that I honour.  I'm blessed to walk the musical journey with each person that comes through my door.  

Your lesson time is your safe zone to make the sounds that need to be made in order to find your skill.  I have your back, and will be your Number One Cheerleader!  


Music Lessons for the Beginning Musician and Singer

Welcome to Melissa Shriner Music Studios, where all are welcome!

Specializing in teaching beginners of all ages, from 8 years old to senior!



I teach contemporary chording lessons in order to accompany oneself on piano and to write your own original music!  Play and sing your favourite pop, folk and gospel songs within the first lesson!  It is so easy to learn to play by chords! Most students are performing full songs within the first or second lesson!  I go step by step in understanding how the musical scale and chords communicate with each other, and dispel the mystery within chord progressions.  It's fun, it's easy, and you will feel like you are walking on air by the time you are finished your lesson!


Learn to mix head and chest voice for a blended sound from top to bottom. Learn to find the magic within each song and connect to the lyrics and your audience. Learn great technique that will span many genres of music and above all, have fun learning about great singing!  If tuning has always been a struggle, I can help you learn to hear the pitches accurately, every time.  If rhythm has got you in a bind, I will help untangle that web and help you find your inner drummer!  

Each lesson is tailored to the student, and their needs on that day. I use the gift of intuition and a finely tuned ear to help guide and hear what needs to be approached each lesson.

Lessons are available for beginners and for professionals. I teach singers of all ability levels, from professional career singers, to the beginner or amateur who sings for the sheer pleasure of it (but might want to sound a little better!) 

If you have always wanted to improve your singing voice or your piano skills, now is your time!  Lessons are one on one and are held in my home studio, which is a very safe, comfortable environment.

You will be smiling and feel a sense of inner confidence before you leave your lesson, Guaranteed! 

My Philosophy...

A good musician has the ability to take listeners on a musical journey and make spirits soar through song... and sound great in the process!

It takes more than the nuts and bolts of music lessons to produce such a musician.  I believe that passion, confidence and unlocking a strong sense of musical identity are key elements to finding your true musical potential.  It is my delight as a music instructor to guide my students towards this goal. 

While good, solid technique is of utmost importance, learning to make magic through songs is of equal importance.  This is what captivates an audience, and is of major importance to me as a teacher.  In my opinion, it’s not good enough to just “sing or play correctly”; the musician must connect with the audience and tell their story.

There is something deep in the core of a person that drives them towards success in any area of life.  As a natural encourager I believe I have a gentle way of pushing my students beyond what even they think they are capable of, simply because I am not afraid of any limitations they may have placed upon themselves.  I'm not afraid of any fear you may have...  We work together to break through fear to find freedom!

You can do it!

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...Passion and Zeal...

“As a guest vocal coach in my classes over the years it is a delight to see and hear the results that Melissa brings out in each student as she engages them...with her passion and zeal for teaching kids to sing.  Whether classical, pop, rock or broadway, Melissa’s extensive training allows her to engage students at all levels.”

- David Braun, Vocal Music Teacher, Centennial High School

...One of the finest voice teachers...

"Melissa is one of the finest voice teachers and performers of singing that I have come across in my 30 years of singing and vocal coaching. She is well-educated, passionate, kind yet firm, and extremely patient.  Above all, she will truly lead any singer to their greatest possible achievement in the art of singing.”

- Elaine Overholt, Vocal Coach to the Stars (www.elaineoverholt.com)

...She Imparts the Joy of Singing to All Ages...

"Melissa is a great singer and 

great teacher. 

She understands music and the human voice as a musical instrument. 

She imparts the joy of singing to all ages, and really cares about her students as people."

- Paul M, voice student, age 64

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